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          Green thinking

          Raw materials are becoming ever more valuable, and their extraction is becoming ever more complex and resource-intensive. This is why we have to handle resources as carefully as possible. Wieland comprehensively fulfills these requirements already today. All processes and procedures relevant to the environment are effectively supported by process-oriented management. The green principle is lived at Wieland - from production and installation right through to the application: everything happens with the goal of conserving resources. Environmentally compatible products like the gesis® plug connector with snap-in technology, and the podis® CON power bus flexible installation system with piercing contacts, are excellent examples of this philosophy. Each of these installation systems saves space and material, and can be reused.

          Environmentally friendly production

          Saving resources and achieving comprehensive environmental compatibility are the focus of our production. Even today, Wieland is developing methods to use existing raw materials as fully as possible, and to recycle waste. The success is considerable: production of plastics with 99 per cent granulate usage has already been achieved.

          Environmental protection and social responsibility

          In addition to achieving economic goals, responsible conduct with mankind and the environment is an integral component of our company philosophy. As a worldwide operating company, we commit ourselves to our environmental, social, and corporate obligations. To send a clear signal of this obligation to responsible business actions, in 2008 we voluntarily joined the Global Compact of the United Nations, and support the principals of this initiative within the framework of our business activities.

          In 1997 we introduced an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 and EMAS, and improving it continuously underscores the high value we place on these endeavors. Within this framework, compliance with all statutory requirements for our products regarding hazardous substances is an important corporate objective.

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